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About Lipsett and Sons

As a child growing up in the cold winters of New England, Robert Lipsett had experienced first hand the effects of a poor and inconsistent system of delivery of home heating fuel, back then it was wood and coal.   In 1929 Robert set out to improve the quality and consistency of that old system.  Starting out small he took to streets and began by asking his neighbors to try his wood and coal delivery service backed by his promise to never let them down.   That was the start of what has become a 90 year long tradition of reliable home delivery.   Neighbors came to trust the consistency of this service as he moved into the delivery of fuel oil.  In the process, Robert set a new standard of delivery for the industry to aspire.   Today, quality products with knowledgeable technicians and staff to deliver, service and maintain your homes heating system has served as an unbeatable recipe for success.home heating oil, home heating, oil, oil heat, fuel oil

Today grandson Jack Lipsett is on the job carrying on the tradition and keeping the company true to its mission.  Jack say’s: “We are so proud of the years we’ve been able to serve our neighbors, keeping them warm through so many long New England winters.”

If you have had the unfortunate experience of being left in the cold too long or feel you were taken advantage of by the late night price of service, please give the folks at Lipsett a call and relax into a truly deep nights sleep with the security and comfort of knowing your home heating needs are now in good hands!

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