Fuel Oils

Our 90 year long history has afforded us the opportunity to forge strong relationships the best companies and product lines in the industry.  We use Citco Petroleum and Sprague Energy as our suppliers, two of the most dependable and respected petroleum distribution and supply companies in the US. For over 9 decades we have been able to meet our commitments to our customers and have had more than adequate supply even in the tightest of markets.

Heating Boilers

Our preferred boiler is made by Buderus and is the top product in it’s category.  However there are a few other top names that we have great relationships with due to volume and long history are Beckett Burners and Riello Burners.

Reillo Burners

Reillo Burners

Beckett Burners

Beckett Burners

We take care of the installation of the new boiler and the removal and disposal of the old.

Water Heaters

We sell and install Mega-Stor water heaters because of their tremendous history of reliability combined with their great warrany

Mega-Stor is indirectly heated for efficiency.  The boiler that heats your home or building provides more energy, while consuming fuel more efficiently, than direct-fired domestic water heaters. So Mega-Stor saves on fuel costs by using hot water from your boiler to heat water for your showers.

Mega-Stor has a limited lifetime warranty.  CROWN Boiler Co.warrants the Mega-Stor’s stainless steel tank and coil against leakage for as long as the original purchaser owns the home in which it is installed. Consult warranty for important terms and conditions.

CROWN Mega-Stor water heaters come in a variety of sizes from 26 to119 gallons to meet every residential and commercial need. Mega-Stor is engineered for performance, constructed of high quality materials inside and out, and finished attractively.

Space saving, horizontal 40- and 53-gallon Mega-Stors can fit into crawl spaces, and can be stacked with most CROWN boilers for an even smaller footprint using the optional mounting kit.

Crown Mega-Stor

Crown Mega-Stor

Service and Maintenance Included for any Heating and Central A/C Systems

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