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Like everything else, the cost to replace a leaking oil tank has risen over the past few years. Today, oil tank replacement (including disposal of the old tank) can easily cost $2,000 or more.

That’s why we recommend that you sign up for you our TANK protection program, which offers the best oil tank protection available. This is a proactive program that includes protecting the inside of your tank annually with a liquid corrosion inhibitor and also gives you a comprehensive warranty that will provide you with a warrantee credit up to $2000 towards a replacement tank if your tank leaks from internal corrosion.

Most homeowner insurance does not cover oil tanks. The best way to protect your tank is to sign up now for our TANK protection program. You’ll get peace of mind for just pennies a day, and you could save $2,000 OR MORE!

Don’t Leave your tank unprotected for another year!

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