Q: What makes Lipsett & Sons the fuel oil service provider of choice when compared to both similar full service competitors and those “no service” discount operators?

A: Reliable SERVICE!! Lipsett & Sons has certified technicians that live right here in the neighborhoods of the South Shore. Lipsett offers 24-hour service 365 days a year. Every Lipsett service technician’s service van is fully stocked as is our parts warehouse right here in Weymouth allowing us to solve 99% of problems on the spot. Check out our service plan, which is one of the most comprehensive available.

Those discount cash and carry operators offer no service, provide no fuel quality check and buy their fuel from a mix of various wholesale suppliers. When things go wrong or stop working it often happens at the most inconvenient times. Having to scramble to find a service technician in the middle of the day from work or even worse the middle of the night is very time consuming and even if successful it often leaves a homeowner full of doubts and concerns about who this service person is and what are their qualifications, do they have insurance, and questions like: should I let this stranger from a google search into my home.  Many ???’s

Installation: Lipsett & Sons has their own fully trained and certified team of installation professionals. This provides our customers with the peace of mind that in any emergency or if the replacement of your furnace, boiler, or oil-fired water heater is ever needed, you are in good hands.

Insurance: As the south shores premier full service company, we maintain full insurance coverage which protects both the customer and ourselves against a wide variety of conditions. All our employees are covered under worker’s compensation insurance. Additionally, we insure against environmental issues as well as public liability. Discount companies often carry little or no coverage.

Q: Why should I have a service contract?

A: Lipsett & Sons has 3 service plan options that protect covered parts of your heating system against premature failure. In fact we cover over $3000 worth of parts and labor associated with your burner, controls, and filters. Or, you may opt to pay for service on a parts and labor basis.

Service plans are available only to customers on automatic fuel
delivery and who maintain their account in good credit standing. Our basic service plan is billed on the anniversary date of the plans inception
and is offered at $325 per year.

Q: How does Lipsett Budget Plan work?

A: The Lipsett budget plan is a simple way to take the higher costs associated with mid-winter heating and spreading them over an extended period. When budget payments are made as agreed there are no finance charges on your account for heating oil or the service contract. By taking your estimated annual fuel usage, the cost of your service plan and dividing the total into 10 equal payments. The budget amount for each year is based on the forecasted price for the coming heating season. We will send out adjusted figures if conditions warrant. Budget payments start in July and end in April, with May as the settlement month for any remaining balance.

Q: How do you know when to fill my oil tank?

A: Lipsett uses a system called “degree-day forecasting.” This is a calculation used across the industry for many decades and remains to this day the industry standard. It uses a formula based on the previous 24-hour average temperature. The staff at Lipsett takes the temperature information and computes the number of “degree days” that have elapsed since your last delivery and schedule automatic deliveries based on your usage patterns for heat and/or hot water. A private weather forecasting service provides daily updates to help us stay on top of current and impending weather conditions.

Your help can make a difference to the accuracy of our timing as well. Letting us know if a new addition is now being heated, relatives staying for extended periods, new baby, anything that would change your heat or hot water consumption. This helps us in being able to adjust your delivery schedule.

Q: I plan on going away in the winter. What steps can I take to protect my home?

A: Below are some suggestions from our experience serve to provide piece of mind when you’re going to be away from home for an extended period of time. Remember, in the coldest part of the winter a house can freeze-up in a very short period of time. This applies whether you’re away for the weekend or the whole season.

  • Have your thermostat 10 degrees lower than normal (but not below 52º) to conserve energy.
  • Have a friend or family member check the house daily in cold weather.
  • Notify Lipsett who has a key and an alarm code to disarm in case of an emergency.
  • Notify police and ask if they offer home surveillance while you’re away.
  • Use timers on lights to give the house the appearance of being occupied.

Q: May I pay my bills with a credit card?

A: Yes, we accept Master Card, Visa and Discover. Call our office for details at 781-340-3330

Q: Should I have my chimney inspected?

A: Yes, particularly if you burn a lot of wood in your fireplace. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) recommends a chimney be inspected annually and cleaned every other year. Spring and summer offer the best opportunity to have this done.

Q: How does Oil Heat efficiency compare to Natural Gas?

A: A properly maintained oil fired heating system is up to 15% more efficient than natural gas.

Q: Which fuel is more expensive, Natural Gas or Oil heat?

A: Oil heat has been consistently less expensive than natural gas and this has been the case for 10 of the past 12 years. Natural gas has been up to 30% more expensive.

Q: Which is Safer, Oil Heat or Natural Gas.

A: Oil heat is much more stable, and lacks the explosiveness of natural gas. The risk of an explosion from a gas leak is well documented. Additionally, the danger from carbon monoxide poisoning is far greater with natural gas than safe oil heat.

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